Weather Stream Inc

Boulder, CO, United States


Weather Stream (WxS) specializes in sourcing global weather data for commercial and government clients. Weather Stream uses proprietary microwave satellites, novel physics models, and AI to prevent weather disasters from becoming human disasters. WxS has developed proprietary microwave radiometer technology that captures 3D atmospheric temperature, precipitation and moisture profiles anywhere on the globe in both clear and cloudy sky conditions. WxS plans to incorporate this technology into the design, launch, and operation of its Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS), a fleet of CubeSats hosting its proprietary instrument suite. The GEMS fleet will ultimately consist of 50 CubeSats enabling global weather updates every 15 minutes. WxS’s first satellite launched in 2019, as the world's first commercial passive microwave satellite.



We are currently providing early access to our subscription services over specific areas of interest. Get in touch now through the form below and we can discuss your data needs. We provide up-to-date data acquired by satellite over globally inaccessible and underserved regions which do not have coverage from ground-based solutions. The Western Pacific Ocean is one such location, subject to typhoons and intense and rapidly-developing convective thunderstorms. Regular updates of satellite observations are key to protecting your assets and operations in these regions. We can tailor delivery to fit your needs, including images or data delivered to your phone, email or direct to the cloud so you receive instant, data-driven weather insights.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Model & Database Design