Lakewood, CO, United States


A 28 year old company, WhiteStar offers a unique combination of Software as a Service, data and ArcGIS Web Services tightly integrated with Esri ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap, the WhiteStar Corporation helps customers to create premium land and lease GIS geodatabases. If you are drilling wells, laying pipe, managing forests, or building wind farms, we can help you to map any land parcel of interest. Companies spend a lot of time and effort trying to map legals from their land documents. We are committed to automating that workflow as much as possible so that everyone from M&A groups to asset management can have access to the land data they need. Currently, companies are spending years implementing systems before they can generate a single, usable map. WhiteStar’s team of talented GIS professionals in Lakewood, Colorado focuses on one thing only – to improve customer success.



In a "typical" land mapping project, up to 80% of the legal descriptions can be mapped using Esri ArcGIS technology and 20% (or more depending upon the area) must be mapped manually by a human. WhiteStar offers a service to "get you over the finish line" to clean up your land descriptions if necessary and then map your land legals quickly and completely so that you can make actionable business decisions. Finished products consist of a clean ArcGIS geodatabase. In addition, you may wish to integrate other BI information into your data to produce the finished result. We can help you with all of these issues as a service. With nearly three decades studying land data, we are ready, competent and able to help.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Integration