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Virtuery is a cemetery information and mapping program designed to simplify the management and record keeping of grave owners and burial data. It uses a simplified, streamlined, and modern interface that allows you to keep all of your information in one convenient place. Virtuery enables effortless cemetery information tracking using a completely GIS-based system. No more searching for records, fixing ownership mistakes, or managing unnecessary paper records. With this program, all your cemetery records will be available at the touch of a button and an available public facing interface to allow visitors to search burial records to find their loved ones. Save time and money by storing all data and paper records in one place. Virtuery allows you to easily identify which plots are currently available, assign owner information to plots, and update burial records for each. You can attach digital documents and scanned burial records directly to individual plots. Easily edit, add, or delete burial records right in your web browser. Tabular records can be exported directly to an excel worksheet. Retrieve all relevant information and documents for any of your plots with a single click. Don’t spend precious time searching for information in multiple places. Available, as part of the program, is a public facing web interface that visitors can use to easily search the cemetery database, locate loved ones and potentially view the grounds. The site is optimized for searching on mobile devices and incorporates an autocomplete function to make searching as simple as possible.


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