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Virtual meetings for decision-making or training. Based on MIXED REALITY and the integration of ESRI content and layers, IoT resources, GPS, UGV, UAV, LiDAR, streaming, etc. Allows complete training in simulated situations in a very efficient way and can be configured to make decisions based on reliable data. The best decision-making in situations of armed conflict, emergencies, or corporate control centers is based on two aspects: - The experience of the individuals involved. - The possibility of having as complete and up-to-date information about the event as possible. Today, the possibility of simulating certain situations to complete the training of specialists is costly and only sometimes possible beyond theory. Likewise, the ability of current software to represent the limited available information in an updated manner is very limited in terms of interfaces and user experience. XRSandbox allows for complete training in simulated situations efficiently and makes data-driven decisions.


Environmental Management

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