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Xylem’s RiskView provides advanced asset risk analytics and planning support services that apply cutting-edge analytics to help utilities identify critical or high risk water mains and make informed, data-driven decisions on asset reliability and strategic intervention planning for both distribution and transmission systems. Outcomes include (1) significant reduction in the number and impact of water main failures, (2) increase in CapEx and OpEx efficiency by prioritizing asset intervention on the most critical assets, (3) freeing up valuable resources for other projects and (4) improvement in level of customer satisfaction with fewer service interruptions. Results from existing customers includes $70M in potential future annual cost savings for pipeline replacement, 4X expected reduction of future pipeline failures and 75% reduction in project planning time. Riskview analytical services are supported and delivered by industry and technical experts. The analysis results can be accessed in an intuitive web application allowing you to interact with, query and connect to your existing ESRI environment. The strategic intervention plan focuses on enhancing system reliability through a wide spectrum of interventions such as pipe replacement or rehabilitation, valve assessment and maintenance, non-revenue water program, leak detection, network monitoring, condition assessment, optimizing AMI meter placement and transience monitoring. Whichever route your utility takes, RiskView provides a clustering feature that uses multi-objective optimization to help planners build projects that are more efficient and effective. To get started, we simply need your water main GIS layer, water main break records and system hydraulic information (if available) to deliver results within a few weeks.


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