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By Yeme Tech Limited

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Yeme Tech offers a range of tools and services that all assist in supporting real communities, enhancing economic value and addressing issues of exclusion. Yeme Tech’s Community Data Platform is built on Esri infrastructure and enables any catchment area to be instantly and intuitively assessed. This sophisticated Platform enables a range of different datasets to be layered to form a walkable neighbourhood assessment to be undertaken around any given point. A comprehensive database of localised events and activities provides profound insights into local stakeholders, trends and exclusions. This data is used to facilitate asset based regeneration, address local gaps/ shortcomings and unify communities. The Community Data Platform will also provide an instant SoCial Fulfilment Score for any area. As it is able to identify polarisation, minority exclusion and gaps in assets, users can instantly map and measure the social fulfilment levels of the selected catchment area. As Urban Technology experts, the Yeme Tech team can also provide a range of bespoke place insights designed to address the overarching aim of making places thrive. Find out more in our demo video:


Community Development, Demographics, Education, Environmental Management, Financial Services, GIS, Intelligence, Map, Chart & Data Production, Research Organizations, Retail

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