Zero Trafficking LLC

Fort Pierce, FL, United States


We're Zero Trafficking: a data company bringing innovative solutions to anti-trafficking. We’re the only data company to fight human trafficking networks with digital intelligence, proactively detecting and tracking sophisticated criminal organizations who exploit people for profit through force, fraud, and coercion. Human trafficking organizations are closely bound to other high-priority threats (drug trafficking, organized theft rings, terrorists, money launderers and more) making human trafficking network data relevant to law enforcement, military, and intelligence. Network-centric investigations enable more effective dismantling of sex trafficking enterprises, while alleviating substantial testimonial burdens traditionally placed on survivors. That’s where we come in. We proactively discover never-before-seen criminal networks and make data on their members and whereabouts available to you, so you can shrink your investigation time, mitigate corporate risk, begin transformative counter-threat workflows, and more. We’re proud to make our threat data available on the Esri Marketplace, offering location and entity information to provide risk analysts, investigators, and decisionmakers with accurate information about the trafficking threats which may impact their operations. With a wide range of partners from retailers to government agencies, our unique solutions to the human trafficking problem are designed to support a network-centric anti-trafficking approach.




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