Illicit Massage Business Data

By Zero Trafficking LLC

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Zero Trafficking has produced and maintained a dataset of more than 30,000 active and closed illicit massage businesses (IMBs) in the United States. These are storefront locations where commercial sex is purportedly available and, as a result, may be of interest to law enforcement personnel or private investigation units tasked with monitoring public corruption, money laundering, organized crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and more. For those not directly involved in criminal investigations, this dataset displays concentrations of criminal businesses currently thriving in the cities that are most permissive of them, and may prove useful in assessing future business placement, likely trends in property value, and more. Zero Trafficking’s IMB data feed tracks month over month changes in IMB distribution and activity, allowing for more accurate assessments of: - Business risk to community - Likelihood of ongoing human trafficking activity - Effectiveness of state and local policies to curb IMB activity - IMB responses to law enforcement raids - Developing crime trends which may impact property value - Relational intersection between human trafficking and other crime trends

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