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Monitor, Track, and Assess Your Daily Operations

Stay on top of your operations by monitoring, tracking, and reporting real-time data feeds. Whether you're concerned about a major event or keeping an eye on day-to-day activities, you can use Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS to focus on what matters most to you.

How It's Used

How It's Used

Organizations use Operations Dashboard to monitor deliveries, services, people, vehicles, and other assets, anywhere in the world. For example, you can use Operations Dashboard to track a city's emergency response activities as they unfold.



Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a free Windows- and browser-based application that you can use on your desktop or tablet.

  • Create executive dashboards that integrate maps, lists, charts, and gauges for real-time operation views.
  • Use interactive maps with dynamic data sources that update automatically as underlying information changes.
  • Build focused dashboards for use in multidisplay operations centers, laptops, iPads, and Android tablets.
  • Extend and customize Operations Dashboard with new widgets, map tools and feature actions using the
    ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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To sign in and unlock the full capabilities of Operations Dashboard, you'll need an ArcGIS Online subscription. Don't have one? Sign up for a free trial.

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