The ArcGIS User Seminar
Getting the Most Value from Your ArcGIS
Join us for a free, live seminar in your area to learn new ways to be more effective with ArcGIS. Esri experts will share tips & tricks, demonstrate best practices for your ArcGIS apps, and help you discover what’s new in ArcGIS 10.5. Whether you’re a seasoned ArcGIS Desktop user, a manager of a GIS program, or a business analyst wanting to learn more about ArcGIS, this seminar is for you.
Elevate your entire approach to GIS
At the ArcGIS User Seminar, you will learn to:
Collect Data
Create and maintain your own authoritative geodata by getting it in and out of the field
Pair Apps
Understand when to use apps, and how pairing apps can improve your workflows
Discover the language of spatial analysis and how it creates new ways to solve problems
Share Insights
Transform your data into powerful maps and apps that help you and your organization make better decisions
Improve Collaboration
Empower everyone in your organization to discover, make, use, and share maps