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Public Safety

Enterprise GIS supports the consolidation of information systems and business processes across a public safety organization, among multiple agency jurisdictions, and with the private sector.

Esri can help you implement an enterprise GIS that is adaptable, open, and interoperable to integrate with other public safety systems. The result is a system that substantially improves the effectiveness and efficiency of daily operations and enhances response to major incidents such as natural disasters and other catastrophes.

Our focus is on developing GIS solutions that facilitate the information sharing and collaboration crucial in preparing for and responding to an incident. We develop distributed capabilities, combined with web services and mobile technology, to help you:

  • Spatially enable records management systems for intelligence fusion and threat detection.
  • Gather near real-time intelligence for true situational awareness on crime, arrest, calls for service, and traffic incident data.
  • Analyze and optimize your routing and field observation/interview collection.
  • Report on trend analysis by geographic area for optimized resource management.

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