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Esri Professional Services has extensive experience supporting agencies around the world with:

Highways and Roads

Public Transit


Highways and Roads

  • Linear referencing and roadway inventory management systems leveraging the Esri Roads and Highways Solution
  • Project planning, prioritization, and collaboration solutions, enabling transportation agencies and partner agencies to better fund, streamline, and deliver transportation infrastructure projects
  • Government compliance solutions and services supporting Highway Performance Monitoring Systems (HPMS), Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE), Moving Ahead for Progress (MAP-21), and Highway Safety Improvement Planning (HSIP)
  • Mobile solutions supporting data collection, inspections, and permitting workflows
  • Sharing and collaboration frameworks for transportation agencies
  • Subject matter expertise in linear referencing, roadway inventory, asset management, right of way management, environmental management, permitting, routing, traffic analysis, real-time vehicle tracking, and intelligent transportation systems.
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Public Transit

  • Route planning, scheduling, ridership demand, and analysis
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles and the ability to support delivering arrival and departure status through native mobile apps, social media, and webpages
  • 3-D design, modeling, and visualization of transit stations and underground facilities
  • Asset and facilities management solutions and services, including integration with SAP, Maximo, and other asset management solutions
  • Demographic and community data analysis, statistical reporting, and visualization
  • Multi-modal transportation modeling and planning
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  • Mobile field data collection solutions for rail, track, and asset inventory and inspection workflows
  • Rail safety management solutions, supporting mobile data collection, incident location coding, rail inventory, safety analysis, safety countermeasures, performance measurements, and sharing and collaboration
  • Automating CAD and GIS interoperability
  • Real-time asset tracking, monitoring, and spatial triggers
  • Property and real estate management solutions and services
  • GIS-based rail network schematic solutions for dynamic display and report generation
  • Mobile solutions supporting data collection, inspections, and permitting workflows
  • Subject matter expertise in linear referencing, asset inventory, positive train control, property management, inspections, performance management, and real-time tracking.

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