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Rent-a-Tech Services

Define the type and extent of services you need and have that support delivered quickly through this flexible program, which provides short-term technical consulting services to existing Esri product users. The needs in any organization can vary over time. It may be support with geodata engineering last year and application configuration and integration help this year. Regardless, Rent-a-Tech services are intended to help you:

  • Get the support you need when you need it.
  • Develop your self-sufficiency.
  • Focus on your project while tapping into our expertise.

To request Rent-a-Tech Services, contact Esri for a quote for customized services or consider whether one of our Services Packages can meet your needs.

Services Packages

Services Packages are standardized offerings with a defined scope and fixed price. They cover a variety of Esri products and GIS management tasks and are designed to help you:

  • Reduce product installation and implementation time.
  • Quickly adopt new Esri technologies.
  • Improve productivity and operational effectiveness.

Services Packages are available to US customers and partners. They comprise:

  • Workshops: Interactive, hands-on technology transfer to help you become self-sufficient in using Esri technology. Workshop-based Services Packages cover specific Esri technology and GIS- or industry-related activities.
  • Jumpstarts: Designed to help you quickly become self-sufficient in installing, implementing, and managing Esri software.
    Jumpstart Services Packages typically provide knowledge transfer and best practices for the use of Esri products.
  • Remote Support: Provides a defined number of hours of telephone and email assistance after the conclusion of a workshop or jumpstart Services Package.
  • Enterprise Consulting: Offers specific assistance from our Enterprise Services consultants in key areas such as enterprise GIS architecture design and health checks.

Available packages

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  • Improve productivity and operational effectiveness.

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