Use Cases

Planning and Analysis

Planning and Analysis

Improve your ability to anticipate and manage change by using spatial analysis. ArcGIS gives you

  • A set of comprehensive spatial analysis tools
  • A platform for viewing and disseminating results
Asset/Data Management

Asset/Data Management

Enable better use of resources by making data available to those who need it. ArcGIS empowers you with

  • Online data and maps you can use in your projects
  • Tools and services for maintaining your data integrity
  • Industry-standard templates that help you organize information
Operational Awareness

Operational Awareness

Get a comprehensive understanding of the activities affecting your organization. ArcGIS offers

  • Web-based applications that can be configured to meet the needs of the people using them, ranging from executives, to technical staff, to field workers.
  • Ability to use live feeds and automated analysis and alert tools
  • Capability to present large volumes of disparate data in an intuitive map-based format
Field Workforce

Field Workforce

Experience better and more coordinated decision making as well as faster and more efficient field operations. ArcGIS provides

  • Ability to get up-to-date information to field operations
  • Tools that are easy for field staff to use and that support a variety of field device types.

See how ArcGIS is applied in your industry.

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