Preparing for an Exam

Multiple levels of certification allow candidates to select the right exam for them based on their level of expertise. The Entry level certification is intended for those who are embarking on or shifting career focus to new opportunities within the industry. Associate and Professional level exams are intended for experienced industry professionals. Veteran users of ArcGIS software find these exams just as challenging as any other industry-recognized certification.

The most important information is found on the exam description page. Review the Candidate Qualifications and Skills Measured sections to determine if your knowledge and skills fully align with those tested by the exam. Ensuring you are familiar with the skills measured is instrumental to achieving an Esri technical certification. The Preparation Resources section provides a curated list of courses and books that you may find helpful. Candidates preparing for any exam, regardless of domain or level, should set aside time to adequately prepare for the exam.

Now Available from Esri Press

The Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide is a comprehensive review of the GIS skills and knowledge measured in the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification exam.

Additional Preparation Resources

Get hands-on practice

Review concepts and best practices

Review applied knowledge

Exam-Taking Strategies

Answer all questions

Esri technical certification exams are composed of multiple choice or multiple select items and are worth one point each. Correct responses earn one point—incorrect, blank, or partially correct responses earn zero points.

Be aware of time

If you find yourself spending too much time on any one question or are unsure of an answer, you will have the ability to mark the question for review and return to it at a later point during the exam, time permitting.

Read carefully

Esri technical certification exams cover knowledge and skills focused on technical GIS abilities and Esri best practices. A successful candidate is not only familiar with the content, but pays close attention to the details of scenarios and remains within the scope of the question.

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