Natural Resources
Climate Change Spotlight

As natural resource managers—biologists, botanists, ecologists, environmental regulators, hydrologists, planners, miners, petroleum engineers, foresters, and farmers—you rely on the analytical power of GIS for help in making critical decisions as you manage the earth's resources.

More than ever in history, we must manage, preserve, and restore our natural resources, and decision makers who must take action need a complete picture of the issues. Esri's ArcGIS platform helps you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges we face and lets you bring more accurate information and less guesswork to the table.

There is no simple answer to our environmental and natural resource concerns, but whether you are restoring habitats, planting crops, drilling for oil, or monitoring endangered species there is increasing optimism that the application of GIS tools will help us become a more sustainable planet.

Success Stories

See how natural resources organizations benefit from the use of geographic analysis and GIS.

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