Preconference Seminars

Get in-depth, expert-led training on the latest GIS techniques and technologies before the conference so you can build upon your new knowledge at UC. All seminars are held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, unless otherwise noted.

Sign up when registering for UC, or add seminars afterward by calling 909-793-2853, ext. 1363 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. 

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Hands-OnHands-on session

Title and Description Presenter(s) Day(s)
Integrating IoT and ArcGIS
Dave Peters Saturday, July 7
Making Great Maps
Kenneth Field, Edie Punt, John Nelson, Wesley Jones Saturday, July 7
Imagery and ArcGIS: Management, Analysis & Use
Peter Becker, Cody Benkelman, Vinay Viswambharan, Emily Windahl Saturday, July 7
ArcGIS Platform Solution Guidance
Dave Wrazien, Nathan Bennett, Raymond Bunn, Sean McGinnis Saturday, July 7
Implementing ArcGIS: A Project Manager's Perspective
Craig Venter, Jennifer Prather, Lana Tylka Sunday, July 8
Statistical Spatial Data Analysis with R and ArcGIS
Marjean Pobuda, Shaun Walbridge, Mark Janikas, Orhun Aydin, Steve Kopp Sunday, July 8
Leveraging Big Data in ArcGIS
Michael Park, Sarah Ambrose, Noah Slocum, Bethany Scott Sunday, July 8
ArcGIS Performance: Tuning, Testing, and Monitoring
Andrew Sakowicz, Frank Pizzi, Aaron Lopez Sunday, July 8
Building Great 3D Scenes
Nathan Shephard, Michael Contreras, Eric Wittner, Craig McCabe Sunday, July 8
Scientific Tools for Atmospheric and Climate Analysis
Brett Rose, Nawajish Noman Sunday, July 8
Field Operations and ArcGIS
Chris LeSueur, Derek Law, Ismael Chivite, James Tedrick, Jeff Shaner, Scott Ball Sunday, July 8
Get Started with Insights for ArcGIS
Jack Horton, Brittney White Saturday, July 7 - Sunday, July 8
Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS
Tom Shippee, John Thieling Saturday, July 7 - Sunday, July 8
Python Scripting for GIS People
Rob Burke, Alan Coyle Saturday, July 7 - Sunday, July 8
Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro
Tom Stoebner, Mike Flanagan Saturday, July 7 - Sunday, July 8