Get More Insights into America's Changing Population

Understand customers' lifestyle choices, what they buy, and how they spend their free time. Tapestry gives you insights to help you identify your best customers, optimal sites, and underserved markets. As a result, you will get higher response rates, avoid less profitable areas, and invest your resources more wisely.

Beyond Demographics

Tapestry Segmentation classifies neighborhoods into 67 unique segments based not only on demographics but also socioeconomic characteristics. It describes US neighborhoods in easy-to-visualize terms, ranging from Soccer Moms to Heartland Communities.

How Can You Use Tapestry Segmentation?

Map It

Access Tapestry web maps that provide hundreds of lifestyle measures down to the local neighborhood level.

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Chart It

Add dynamic pop-up infographics to your maps. Display lifestyle information in many different ways, from dominant segments to bar charts.

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Enrich It

Append Tapestry data to your spreadsheets and enrich your customer data with lifestyle information for greater insights.

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Report It

Get presentation-ready reports or create your own custom reports. It's easy and fast and you can include maps, charts, and graphs.

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Get the Tapestry Poster!

This two-sided poster gives you a quick overview of Tapestry’s 14 LifeMode summary groups and 67 segments that describe US residential neighborhoods.

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