Tapestry in Action

Companies across many industries use Tapestry Segmentation to answer the "Who, What, Where and How" about their customers. Here are just a few examples that illustrate what Tapestry can do for you.

Rani Molla of the Wall Street Journal says that where you live determines what you'll buy.

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Jack Linshi of Time details what your ZIP Code says about you and highlights a few of Tapestry's 67 segments.

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James Joiner of Esquire describes the interactive Tapestry ZIP Lookup map.

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Andrienne Lafrance of The Atlantic details Tapestry's consumer and lifestyle information available by ZIP code.

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Tapestry helps Wendy's find optimal sites for new restaurants.

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Jason Haley of Stratasan says the release of new Tapestry is the "biggest psychographic news of the year"

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Tapestry describes lifestyles of Houston's wealthiest residents

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Fox Van Allen, Techlicious Blog says, "Tapestry Segmentation is absolutely fascinating...and highly accurate..."

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