Esri Partner Solutions

Esri has relationships with more than 1,800 partners globally that provide customer-focused geoenabled solutions. These partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services across our core industries. Partner-provided solutions and services range from custom-built applications to complete system ArcGIS implementations. In this issue, we would like to recognize those partners that won a 2014 Esri Partner Conference Award. These organizations have exhibited practical yet innovative application of the latest ArcGIS features, taking geographic visualization and analysis to a higher level. For a complete list and description of our partners and their offerings, visit the Esri website at

All Industries

GISi Indoors
GeoMetri Indoor Analytics enables businesses to better understand how people are moving through their facilities. The application leverages ArcGIS Online maps and services, allowing users to compare and measure activity across different time periods or building areas, as well as understand real-time traffic patterns for any space, at any time.

Engineering, Utilities, Government, and Forestry

Zerion Software, Inc.
iFormBuilder is a mobile data collection platform for iOS and Android devices. The iFormBuilder platform is universal and is currently being utilized by field teams in more than 110 countries. The iFormBuilder mobile platform provides advanced form building features like skip logic, calculations, subforms (one-to-many relationships), and more than 40 powerful form building elements to assist in meeting data collection needs. It has unmatched security on mobile devices with element-level encryption and offline data collection capabilities for ultradisconnected environments. As a solution, iFormBuilder tightly integrates with both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Server. The integration provides smart enterprises with the ability to leverage existing feature services as base forms or create workflows in iFormBuilder and immediately publish to the ArcGIS platform. Enhance your data and data collection workflow capabilities by allowing iFormBuilder to be the "What" to your "Where."

Public Transportation, Community Planners, and Real Estate

MobiAnalyst is an integrated modeling and analysis tool aimed at optimizing multimodal transportation for people. The software provides automatic integration of multiple networks (road, public transportation) and calculates routes, service areas, and an origin-destination cost matrix, taking into account traffic and timetables. This decision-making tool uses ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Network Analyst, as well as the full range of ArcGIS for Server. It helps communities improve the quality and coverage of public transportation services and allows organizations to better locate their services in order to offer alternatives to car-only travel.


SIGMA (Soll Ist Geometry Monitoring Absolute) realizes a consistent 3D geographic model of the railroad track in the Netherlands. SIGMA enables users to combine design and measurement data of the railroad track in multiple dimensions, such as x,y,z and cant, to perform in-depth analysis of the deterioration of the track. The applied data model offers a highly accurate (precision < 1.5 cm) 3D representation of the track and enables the persisting of railroad-specific elements, such as transition curves, in a standard geodatabase model. For ProRail, the Dutch company responsible for railroad development, maintenance, and safety, it is an advanced high-tech tool for identifying railroad infrastructure areas for preventive maintenance. SIGMA uses the capabilities of ArcGIS for Server and FME Server to generate output in industry-wide standards, such as CAD files and geodatabases.

Environmental Conservation

Tremarctos-Colombia 2.0
Tremarctos-Colombia 2.0 is a free, early warning geoweb application that evaluates the impacts of infrastructure projects on biodiversity and climate change. Utilizing ArcGIS for Server, Tremarctos-Colombia provides recommendations regarding the activities that need to be implemented in an affected area in order to "compensate" the environmental impact damage done as a result. Tremarctos helps governments and the private sector measure environmental impacts.

Natural Resources

Oceaneering International, Inc.
Common Operating Picture for ArcGIS Online
The Communications Solutions division of Oceaneering has been growing fast. In addition to its long history of boots-on-the-ground support as a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications, Oceaneering has been supporting a wide adoption of ArcGIS Online as part of an extensive asset tracking support solution to clients worldwide. The partnership between Oceaneering and Esri has not only enabled managers to keep track of thousands of assets essential to the global economy, the wide adoption and incorporation of ArcGIS Online as part of Oceaneering's incident response tools have empowered first responders to large-scale incidents in harsh conditions to quickly contain and remediate the situation by providing a clear, high-level view of the incident as a whole while leveraging the power of collaboration through easily accessible web maps.

Software Publishers

KT Labs
KliqMap allows QlikView users to embed dynamic maps from ArcGIS. In addition to ArcGIS for Server integration, the native access to ArcGIS Online makes this solution appropriate for businesses of any size with simplicity and speed of deployment. With its unique, rule-driven polymorphism, KliqMap opens up to QlikView users the doors of the ArcGIS platform, allowing them to easily exploit all its richness (buffering, clustering, network services, geoenrichment, etc.). KT Labs strongly believes that there is much more to location intelligence than simply linking a map to a report. KliqMap leverages QlikView, ArcGIS, and KT Labs' Planning Suite to create a fully integrated and interactive environment where analytics and simulation can be performed in the context of business processes. With KliqMap, the GIS becomes a key element in empowering decision making through analysis, simulation, prediction, and optimization, in other words, actionable location analytics.


WorkBook is a next-generation mobile app with an intuitive user interface and rich geospatial interactions for use with touch-enabled tablets. An integral component of Clevest's Mobile Workforce Management solution, WorkBook empowers utilities' mobile technicians with maps, screens, and workflows to manage their work while having real-time communication with the office. WorkBook tightly integrates with both Esri's online basemaps and GIS layers hosted on a utility's server running ArcGIS located behind the utility's firewall. This hybrid system lets workers visualize where they are in relation to their orders, create orders from GIS assets, search and filter GIS assets to view relevant information, and get optimized routes to minimize driving time with Esri's geocoding and ArcGIS Runtime.

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