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July 2014

Get Down to Business with These Marketplace Apps

By Paige Spee
Esri Product Marketing

To grow your business and thrive, you need to know where your customers live, work, dine, play, and shop. And you need to show them where to find the goods and services they want, too.

ArcGIS Marketplace contains several apps that will help your organization add interactive maps to websites and help decision makers do their planning and analysis using up-to-date, accurate data that they can see on a map. These apps will help you keep your competitive edge:

Learn more about your customer demographics.
Learn more about your customer demographics.

Business and Location Analytics by WebMapSolutions

If you send a direct-mail piece promoting riding mowers to residents of a geographic area inhabited mostly by apartment dwellers, your advertising effort will likely will be a waste of time and money. It's important to target your customers based on demographic and location information so that your message is seen by the people who need your goods and services the most. The Business and Location Analytics app provides information about household income, age distribution, and many other demographic and lifestyle factors. You also can find out what types of other businesses are in an area and calculate how far your key customers are from your nearest business location. You can configure this web-based application so that it fits the needs and branding of your organization.

Correct and validate address data.
Correct and validate address data.

XtremeGIS Verify for ArcGIS Online by Wall Street Network

Sometimes knowing the most basic information can make the biggest difference to your business. Without correct address data, you could be basing decisions on incorrect assumptions about your customers. You can overcome the challenges posed by international address formats, mysterious abbreviations, omissions, and misspellings with the XtremeGIS Verify for ArcGIS Online app. You will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes you to prepare your data for analysis while improving your data quality.

Quickly publish interactive maps.
Quickly publish interactive maps.

Geo-publisher for ArcGIS Online by Full Extent

By adding interactive maps to both your public-facing and internal websites, you will help customers and stakeholders better understand everything from store locations to where to focus sales efforts. But perhaps you have hesitated to include maps with your website because you didn't think you could easily add them using your content management system (CMS). Geo-publisher for ArcGIS Online lets you publish interactive maps the same way you publish everything else on your website. You don't need to change your normal workflow for keeping web pages up-to-date. Plus, you will add a dynamic, up-to-date element to your website.

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