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Data for conferences is not included with the App. You must download data for any conference you are interested in.

  • Tap the Download Data icon.
  • The data download requires 2-5 minutes on an Apple device depending on processor speed, connectivity and network traffic.
  • Keep the Apple App open during the update. Closing it will pause the update and increase the risk of locking the app due to a hanging download.
Known issue: In v1.1, tapping "Update Data" may crash the app and require a reinstall.

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Update the App


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Release Notes version 1.1

  1. Conference specific multi-language support.
  2. Several user-interface enhancements:
    • Improved session filtering
    • More built-in tutorials
  3. My Planner in the App syncs with My Planner on the Event websites. Use My Planner across all your devices

Release Notes version 1.02

  1. My Planner in the App syncs with My Planner on the My UC website. Use My Planner across all your devices.
  2. After logging into My Planner the first time you will be told, "No sessions in My Planner". Hit the update button to clear that screen and see your items.
  3. Items added to the device Calendar while outside of the Pacific Time Zone will not appear at the correct time within the Pacific Time Zone. If you don't plan on adding My Planner items to the device Calendar, this isn't a problem. Otherwise, use the following procedure.
    1. After logging into My Planner while outside of the Pacific Time Zone, select Don't Add to your device's calendar when prompted.
      My Planner Confirmation Screen
    2. Set your schedule using My Planner.
    3. Sync My Planner in order to store your items in the cloud.
    4. Once you're in the Pacific Time Zone, delete the App. This will log you out of My Planner.
    5. Download the App and update the data.
    6. After logging into My Planner within the Pacific Time Zone, select Add to your device's calendar.
    7. A future release will add the ability to log out of My Planner.
  4. The Apple App will not launch in Airplane mode. It can be opened from a closed state on the multitasking bar in Airplane mode.
  5. Each subsequent data update requires about the same amount of time as the first data update.
  6. Bluetooth keyboards are not supported in this release.

Data Notes version 1.02

  1. The data included with the Apple App is older than the data included with the Android App. Therefore, it's very important to update the data.
  2. The room for the Esri Business Summit Solutions Expo is incorrectly identified as Aqua Caliente in the initial data; it should be Indigo Terrace North. This error is one of hundreds that are fixed by updating the data.

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