Esri User Conference

June 27 – July 1, 2016 | San Diego Convention Center

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Monday, June 27
8:30 am–3:30 pm
SDCC, Halls F, G, and H

8:00 am

Doors Open

8:30 am

GIS – Enabling a Smarter World
Welcome and GIS Vision
Jack Dangermond, President, Esri

What does it take to create a smarter world? Be the first to hear Esri President Jack Dangermond’s vision for GIS and how we can all contribute to enable a smarter world. Discover how organizations around the world are deploying GIS, leveraging advanced spatial analysis, creating insight, supporting decision making and driving action. Learn about the latest ArcGIS developments and platform innovations that are delivering information in real-time and solving the ever-growing demands of big data analytics.
Share Your Success  You’re pushing the bounds of what’s possible with GIS. Don’t forget to share your innovation (maps, screenshots and photographs).

Guest Speaker

Driving Innovation with GeoHub
City of Los Angeles - Lilian Coral

The second largest city in the United States, Los Angeles is committed to fostering a data-driven culture of innovation and excellence. To do that, the City is harnessing the power of location, technology and people through GeoHub, to reinvent how services are delivered. GeoHub connects information and apps with every department, regional partners, and with all Angelinos, to inspire new creative thinking and improve the quality of life for all. .

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10:30 am

GIS – Enabling a Smarter World (continued)

See the latest advances in the ArcGIS 10.4 platform, including the recent enhancements to ArcGIS Pro, and updates across the desktop, server, web, and mobile environments. Discover functionality available in exciting new apps like Photo Survey, ArcGIS Earth, Drone2Map, and many more. Understand the new applications available with ArcGIS to quickly configure and deliver capabilities across your organization.

Join us as we explore a world of geographic possibilities; learning from accomplished private and government leaders, who will share ideas and knowledge that lead us all to improved efficiencies and success. Walk away inspired and ready to change the world with geography.

Guest Speakers

Maximize Your Web GIS - Making the World's Most Livable City
Auckland Council - Ian Smith

With the mandate to consolidate and modernize, the Auckland Council could no longer keep doing things the old way. When eight cities merged into the new super city of Auckland, not only did multiple enterprise systems have to be consolidated and work together, but it also provided the ultimate opportunity to reinvent geospatial with an integrated and simplified Web GIS platform for 10,000 government staff and 1.4 million citizens.  Discover Auckland’s five key steps to maximize their Web GIS, and how the city is moving forward, past disruption, towards a green, connected, healthy and affordable city for future generations. 

Ensuring and Insuring Your Future
Guy Carpenter - Shannon Peterson & Bryan Adams 

Mitigating the risk of natural and man-made disasters is every day business for one of the world’s largest re-insurance brokers. Learn how their GC AdvantagePoint® Web GIS solution provides real-time data feeds and spatial analysis to insurance companies all around the world so they can ensure long-term continuity for customers in the face of catastrophic loss.

Civic Responsibility - Changing Our Approach
City of New Orleans - Lamar Gardere, Greg Hymel & James Raasch 

Enabling smarter communities in New Orleans requires engaging citizens in two-way conversations to create understanding, action, social cohesion, and civic responsibility. By delivering apps that are fun, informative, and valuable, the City creates new partnerships with citizens and helps create smarter, more resilient communities.

Frozen in Time - A History of Life and the Moments of Death at Sandby Borg 
Kalmar County Museum - Nicholas Nilsson & Fredrik Gunnarsson 

For decades, archaeology has provided a glimpse into the past and gives us clues as to how we live our lives. Today, digital archaeologists have a wealth of advanced technology at their fingertips to explore and piece together the events of the past. Learn how the ArcGIS platform brings to life the ring fort of Sandby Borg, Sweden (late 400’s AD), to uncover how these long forgotten people lived an aristocratic lifestyle, where they originated, and what led to their violent demise. 

12:00 noon


2:00 pm

A Global Journey of Understanding
Jack Dangermond, President, Esri

Keynote Speaker: 
The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World
Andrea Wulf, Author

Andrea Wulf reveals in her new book the extraordinary life of the visionary German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) and how he created the way we understand nature. Though almost forgotten today, his name lingers everywhere from the Humboldt Current to the Humboldt penguin.

Humboldt was an intrepid explorer and the most famous scientist of his age. His restless life was packed with adventure and discovery, whether climbing the highest volcanoes in the world or racing through anthrax–infested Siberia. Perceiving nature as an interconnected global force, Humboldt discovered similarities between climate zones across the world and predicted human-induced climate change.

Through his explorations and observations, Humboldt began to see the Earth as a living organism. As he layered information, such as observation, species, and elevation data, onto maps, he created the earliest global vegetation zone maps. As Wulf tells Humboldt’s story, it provides an amazing insight into Humboldt’s early methods of observation and analysis and the similarity to the methods used by 21st century GIS professionals.

Humboldt turned scientific observation into poetic narrative, and his writings inspired naturalists and poets such as Darwin, Wordsworth and Goethe but also politicians such as Thomas Jefferson and Simón Bolívar. Wulf also argues that it was Humboldt’s influence that led John Muir to his ideas of preservation, and which shaped Thoreau’s ‘Walden’.

An historian and master storyteller, Wulf is the author of five books and has written articles for many well-known publications. Her latest book, The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World, was a New York Times bestseller and recently won the 2016 Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the science and technology category. It is listed as one of the “10 Best Books of 2015” by the New York Times.

Observing & Analyzing America’s Forests – USDA Forest Service
Charles “Hobie” Perry, Ph.D., Project Manager – Forest Atlas
Christopher Oswalt, Ph.D., Research Forester

Explore 80 years and 800 million acres learning how the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program creates understanding of our natural and planted forests from over 355,000 sample plots. From observations to analysis, the national forest atlas provides understanding of clean water, clean air, wildlife and fish habitat, recreational opportunities, and resources for economic development. By delivering a diverse engagement portfolio of apps, everyone can now discover the science and stories emerging from our ever-changing forestlands.

Designing and Creating a Green Infrastructure
Arancha Muñoz Criado, City and Strategic Planner
Kaitlin Yarnall, National Geographic Society

Whether you live in a major city, a small community, or a tropical island, your sustainable future depends on the ability to see the green infrastructure around you and include it in future plans. Discover the latest maps, apps, and tools to help everyone get involved.

Connecting GIS with Education
San Andreas High School

Be inspired as young students and their teacher, from San Andreas High School (Highland, California), take the stage and present their brief but powerful journey into using GIS, tackling projects of personal and community value.

Understanding Understanding
Jack Dangermond & Richard Saul Wurman

A thought provoking discussion between TED founder, Richard Saul Wurman and Esri President, Jack Dangermond.

3:30 pm

Plenary Session Concludes and Map Gallery Opens

Note: The plenary program is subject to change.