Esri User Conference

July 10 – July 14, 2017 | San Diego Convention Center

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The Esri UC is the world’s biggest GIS event, covering content on how to implement and use the technology across hundreds of thousands of organizations.

Why Attend?

  • Experience firsthand the value of networking with other GIS professionals.
  • Bring your GIS challenge to the conference.
  • Meet with Esri staff, software users, and partners.
  • Take home a solution to a real-world problem.

These are great reasons to attend the Esri UC.

Let’s Get You Here!

Need more? Here’s a proposal letter you can customize to justify your trip.

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Blow Your Mind

“Now we use Collector for ArcGIS to identify and update details about items such as fences, wells, mines, and other improvements to the trust land that we manage. This eliminates the double entries and forgotten details that occurred with our old method.”
—Evan Brom, Chief Information Officer, Arizona State Land Department

“Great opportunity, both professionally and personally. Provides a venue to learn, connect, ask questions and get answers, think both at the scale you work and beyond, and enjoy time with colleagues in a positive energy space.”
—Mimi Diorio, GIS Specialist/PGIS Coordinator, NOAA OCRM/CSC

“For GIS users, it is a very good opportunity to learn and broaden your knowledge.”
—Harold Miller, GIS Manager, Echologics


Notice—and Get Noticed

“It is by far the best way to network with others and Esri staff and get the inside tips and tricks of the ever-evolving technology.”
— Carrie Tropasso, GIS Technical Lead, Pennsylvania

“Jack Dangermond is a visionary. He has changed the world. And I come to the conference to sort of refresh myself with that vision and to meet the other people so we all get on the same page.”
—Jeff Nighbert, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

“Fantastic coverage of the GIS world, and great networking!”
—Philip Loheed, President, Earthos Institute


Nothing Beats Meeting Face-to-Face

“Bring your whole team. We brought everyone that we possibly could because literally everyone, from our developers to our business development to myself and the CEO—we all got so much benefit out of it. We've also gotten a lot of contacts just from talking to a lot of people that we've been having phone conversations with, now live, so that's been super helpful.”
—Leonard Lee, Cofounder and COO, Dispatchr

"This event is the single most valuable thing for GIS leaders to learn new technical information, meet the people in your industry you need to get your job done, and hone the vision and direction of GIS in your organization."
—Steve Lavey, Systems Analyst, City of Torrance

"You will gain valuable experience at the conference that will make you better at your job, which is impossible to get from any other source."
—David Drury, GIS Director, Mosaic Sales Solutions