Spatial Data a Catch for Pierce County

Pierce County increased efficiency by replacing field laptops and manual database reconciliation with iPads running ArcGIS Online. Suddenly, staff and supervisors accessing dozens of apps and dashboards were looped in to the same real-time GIS intelligence. Read more

Coweta County Asset Inspection Goes Mobile

To shave time off compliance with local inspections regulations, Coweta County, Georgia, looked to mobile solutions. Its iPad-based inspection workflow used Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS app to put the county ahead of inspection schedules. Read more

Building a Sustainable Wastewater Inventory

A proactive Stormwater Management Program (SMP) relies on iOS devices and ArcGIS Online applications to standardized, strengthen, and streamline inventory and inspections of 400 miles of stream assets. Read more

A Princely Water System on a Civilian Budget

Princeton, Illinois, had a limited budget with which to serve 7,700 residents. By adopting the ArcGIS platform, the city’s water department now organizes planning, fund-raising, construction, maintenance, and emergency projects. The water department has even gone mobile with faster, more complete data collection. Read more

In Malawi, Basic Water GIS Protects Human Health

In northern Malawi, where more than 99 percent of the people do not make it to university, Washington State University works with non-GIS-trained Malawians to investigate and improve water quality. Read more

Norwich Public Utility Connects with Other Cities—and Internally

Consolidating to a full GIS platform not only improved Norwich Public Utility’s (NPU) accuracy but also saved time. How’d NPU get better data faster? It started with a data migration, the ArcGIS platform, and several prebuilt Esri apps and templates. Read more

Tennessee Gets Centered on GIS

White House Utility District (WHUD) in Tennessee didn't have to move out of the Smoky Mountains to maximize operational efficiency. WHUD slashed paper-map use, got to customers faster, and improved internal communications with GIS. Here's how