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Esri Signed License Agreement and Third-Party Data Terms of Use

The signature page for all License Agreements will be provided by Esri or its distributor and will incorporate the License Agreement Terms and Conditions as noted below. Please check the License Terms of Use Changes for recent updates, comparisons, and explanations of changes.

Current License and Services Agreement—Click-Through Version (E204CW)

Current Addendum 1 Product-Specific Terms of Use (E300)   

License Agreement (Translated Languages)

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Data Terms and Conditions

Data and imagery from third party providers is available to users of Esri software and online services offered through Esri websites. Please see Data Attributions and Terms of Use for supplemental licensing information for data and imagery.

Supplemental Terms of Use. In addition to the general use terms above, certain services, online services, data, or imagery provided by or through Esri websites is also subject to additional, supplemental terms of use.    

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