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I-Team Contact Information

The various I-Teams have different organization and implementation strategies, incorporating partnership and planning efforts already under way. I-Team contacts and examples of some of their undertakings are

  • Arizona--Developing I-Plan strategies. Contact Gene Trobia at gtrobia@lnd.state.az.us.
  • Arkansas--Conducting a plenary I-Team meeting during the Arkansas GIS User Conference. Contact Shelby Johnson at shelby.johnson@mail.state.ar.us.
  • California--Dividing the state into 13 regional I-Teams. Contact Gary Darling at gary@ceres.ca.gov.
  • Colorado--Developing teams to analyze needs of framework layers, starting with hydrography, governmental units and cadastral. Contact Marv Koleis at marv.koleis@state.co.us.
  • Delaware--Establishing a "collaboratory" for framework integration. Contact Mike Mahaffie at mmahaffie@state.de.us.
  • Indiana--Expecting to issue draft I-Plan soon. Contact Jill Saligoe-Simmel at jsaligoe@iupui.edu.
  • Kansas--Coordinating I-Team process with Geospatial Landscape of Kansas. Contact Rick Miller at rick.miller@state.ks.us.
  • Maryland--Giving series of presentations to Maryland officials to gain support for recently completed I-Plan. Contact Bill Burgess at wburgess@dnr.state.md.us.
  • Metro New York--Using themes: public safety, health, economic development, emergency management. Contact Al Leidner at aleidner@doitt.nyc.gov.
  • Montana--Revising draft plan submitted to FGDC in March 2001. Contact Stu Kirkpatrick at skirkpatrick@state.mt.us.
  • Nebraska--Implementing a recently developed strategic plan with funding help from USGS. Contact Larry Zink at lzink@notes.state.ne.us.
  • New Jersey--Establishing task forces to develop I-Plan chapters for framework layers. Contact Hank Garie at hgarie@oit.state.nj.us.
  • North Carolina--Developing Community Data Sharing Agreements. Contact Zsolt Nagy at zsolt@cgia.state.nc.us.
  • Texas--Drafting I-Plan as part of biennial strategic plan required under recent legislation. Contact Mike Ouimet at mike.ouimet@dir.state.tx.us.
  • Utah--Continuing to evolve I-Plan as implementation occurs. Contact Dennis Goreham at dgoreham@gis.state.ut.us.
  • Virginia--Accomplishing its initial I-Team studies through 9 regional county-based I-Teams and 3 separate state agency I-Teams. Contact Bill Shinar at bshinar@vgin.state.va.us.

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