Autodesk teams with Esri

Nov. 15—ZDNet
Autodesk teams with Esri to integrate BIM, GIS

Autodesk has inked a partnership with Esri, a mapping data, and spatial analytics player, that aims to bridge BIM and GIS mapping technologies.

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Nov. 14—GCN

Congress taps into GIS

Congress taps into GIS

GIS helps members of Congress better serve their constituents through mapping local issues.

Nov. 27—NLC

National League of Cities Honors Esri

NLC awarded Esri for their work helping city leaders combat the opioid epidemic.

Dec. 4—GeoMarketing

Mobileye & Esri Plan to Make Safer Cities

Intel Mobileye’s Shield+ with Esri’s location analytics can help buses eliminate “blind spots” and provide more traffic safety.




Helping People with Visual Impairments Get Around Graz, Austria

With a new GIS-based web app, persons who are partially sighted or blind can more easily preplan city trips.


Designing the Urban Landscape Inside and Out

Building a bridge between BIM and GIS will enable people to better design, build, and operate infrastructure assets by understanding them in context.


Back to Basics

Scott Morehouse, a long-time driving force in GIS software development at Esri, is designing new systems for civic engagement and urban planning and operations.


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