Managing Geolocation Data at Scale

Oct. 23—TechRepublic
Managing Geolocation Data at Scale

Big data has many applications, but none perhaps as ubiquitous and overlooked as geolocation. Read how Esri works with diverse datasets when creating GIS applications.

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October 20—GovTech

Portland's Bike Map Goes Digital

Portland's Bike Map Goes Digital

The new online version is interactive, alerting bikers to dangerous intersections and other features.

October 23—StateScoop

California Firefighters Use Real-time Mapping

New GIS app used to report destroyed or damaged buildings.

October 24— USGS

Tool Allows You to Explore Mountains Worldwide

A new tool that gives users the most detailed view yet of the world’s mountains is now available from the USGS..




Using GIS to Revolutionize Development

For Menghestab Haile, GIS is about transforming development—in Egypt, throughout Africa, and beyond.


Fort Lauderdale’s GIS Supports Response to Hurricane Irma

GIS was crucial to the preparedness and response of a Florida city.


Relive Outdoor Adventures

Runners and cyclists can use the Relive app to create 3D video virtual tours of their treks, which display the route they took on an Esri basemap.


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Auckland Council

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