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Free ArcView 8.1 Virtual Campus Course Now Available for ArcView GIS 3.x Users

ArcView GIS 3.x users upgrading to ArcView 8.1 software will be interested in a new, free course at the Esri Virtual Campus. The Migrating from ArcView GIS 3.x to Esri Virtual Campus web pageArcGIS course was created especially for those already familiar with ArcView GIS 3.x to help them make the transition to the completely redesigned ArcView 8.1.

Migrating from ArcView GIS 3.x to ArcGIS takes a task-oriented approach to teaching students the new ArcView 8.1 tools, terminology, and equivalent ways of doing things they normally do in ArcView GIS 3.x. Of particular benefit are the course exercises, in which students work with realistic scenarios and data to practice typical GIS tasks using ArcView 8.1.

"Throughout the course, students will explore the new and powerful functionality of ArcView 8.1 software," says Keith Mann, Esri education specialist.

Topics covered in the course include an overview of the new ArcView applications, importing ArcView GIS 3.x project files, querying the GIS database, editing features and attributes, working with geodatabases, using ArcView 8.1 software's geoprocessing tools, creating cartographic-quality maps, and customizing ArcView 8.1.

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