GIS Clients Integrated with Oracle Spatial Extension

Announcing Esri Support for Oracle8i

Continuing Esri's commitment to adopt relevant technologies offered by the database management system (DBMS) industry, Esri announces support for Oracle8i Spatial. For the past five years, Oracle has evolved their DBMS-based spatial technology. Oracle Spatial, a recently introduced Oracle8i option, continues support for Oracle's normalized schema and introduces new binary spatial data types. According to Esri's president, Jack Dangermond, "Our goal is to seamlessly integrate Esri software with Oracle-developed spatial technologies." To achieve that goal, Esri's Spatial Database Engine (SDE) is being extended to operate with Oracle Spatial. All of Esri's popular clients, including the next generation of ArcInfo, will be able to access geographic data in Oracle Spatial. As part of its open data policy, Esri will continue to provide support for Oracle's normalized schema and SDE software's compressed binary schema. The integration of Esri software with Oracle8i and Oracle Spatial will occur in a phased manner. SDE for Oracle Version will be the first Esri software to support Oracle8i.

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