BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition Now Available

BusinessMAP PRO with extensions screen shotTo satisfy user needs for greater simplicity, more functionality, and more extensive and integrated demographics, as well as the price and configuration requirements of resellers, Esri now offers BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition.

This newest version of Esri's database mapping software includes enhanced site analysis and demographic data, a Business locator for the entire United States, and a built-in report writer. It is also priced to encourage resellers to make BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition part of the custom packages they design and provide for their customers.

One of the strongest features of BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition is Market Analyzer. It provides extensive demographic information down to the neighborhood (census tract) level throughout the United States. Market Analyzer contains more than 400 data variables, including population, income, education, households, race, age, and occupation, for the 1990 U.S. Census, 1997 estimates, and 2002 projections. Information that Market Analyzer can help Business executives derive from database mapping includes

  • The precise locations of their best customers and their demographic profiles
  • The locations of other prospects who also fit their target market profile
  • Areas or neighborhoods that can support new sites for their Business
  • ZIP Codes to target for advertising and promotions
  • Analysis of competitors' activity

With Market Analyzer, users may locate and evaluate one or dozens of Business sites simultaneously. Single or multiple word queries can find and rank other potential sites according to compatibility with users' unique selection criteria. This query capability enables users to sort through demographics to find the closest possible site matches.

Another strong feature is Business Tracker, a list of 11 million U.S. Businesses that sorts all of these companies by their primary U.S. government SIC codes. Users search the Business Tracker database using ordinary words, such as "automotive" or "legal services," or do combined searches by Business category or geographic location to find and create maps of Business prospects in a certain city or ZIP Code, for example.

In addition to names, addresses, and phone numbers, the Business Tracker database also provides annual sales range and number of employees of companies that report this data. Users may place all of these records on maps they create with BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition.

Crystal Reports is also an important feature that is new to the Corporate Edition. This most popular of report writers allows users to insert the maps and databases they create into custom reports for presentations or other Business communications needs.

BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition also offers automated wizards to guide users effortlessly through major functions of database mapping. These include adding a database, color coding, and territory design. The wizards take users through each process with clear, step-by-step instructions and suggestions. PrintMAP, an integrated printing utility, enables BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition users to print the maps they create in sizes that range from day planner to multipanel wall charts.

BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition includes updated telephone area codes as well as postal ZIP Codes. It contains direct links for contact manager software, such as ACT! 4.0 and Goldmine 4.0, and links to Microsoft Excel 97. Additional data sets that come with BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition are hazardous material sites in the United States identified by the Environmental Protection Agency and FBI crime statistics by county.

By agreement with CACI Marketing Systems, a brochure and a data catalog are in every box containing BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition to offer optional additions to the demographic data the software already provides. The brochure describes a series of seven industry-specific CD-ROMs that contain CACI's enhanced demographic data including automotive, entertainment/leisure, financial, health care, home furnishings/electronics, insurance, and restaurants. The catalog offers specific data by state, county, MSA, ZIP Code, and census tract. Users may add all of this data easily to BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition.

BusinessMAP PRO Corporate Edition is priced at $499.95 (U.S.) (shipping and handling may be an additional charge) and is available in retail stores or by calling Esri at 1-888-523-0269 or from Esri's GIS Store online at Or visit

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