Six Kids and Three Mountain Ranges on Four Continents--All in a Day's Work for Esri T-Shirts!

Carly Vanderheyden Chris Vanderheyden, Midwest regional manager, SDS, Inc., Fort Madison, Iowa, sent us a photo of his four-year-old daughter, Carly, who he says "is into geography at a young age. She is fascinated by maps, globes, and yes, ArcView GIS." He goes on to say, "I know you want pictures of exotic places, but at four years old, her home in Iowa is as exotic as she needs."

Steve Pyatt with daughters Stephanie and Susannah Steve Pyatt of the New Zealand Defence Force is giving his daughters Stephanie (left) and Susannah lessons in map reading and T-shirt modeling at Tideman Trig Point in the hills above Whitby, Wellington, New Zealand.

Matti and Olli Palosuo Matti Palosuo, system analyst, Novo Meridian Ltd., Esri's distributor in Finland, and his few-minutes-old son, Olli, are spending their first moments together. The newborn is their second child. Says Matti, "When I saw this picture I realized the connection between the situation and the T-shirt. I met my wife, Elisa, when I was studying GIS in the Helsinki University of Technology. And now we are really creating a new world."

Carla Elenz at Hoosier Pass Carla Elenz, GIS specialist, Michigan Army National Guard, with her children Jodie (15) and Todd (12) show off their T-shirts on the summit of Hoosier Pass, Colorado. At 11,542 feet above sea level, this was the highest point in their 4,370 mile bicycle trip across the United States from Florence, Oregon, to Yorktown, Virginia.

Christian DeBord on Tian Shan Mountain Christian DeBord, a GIS developer working at Esri France, is wearing his T-shirt exactly on the border of Kazakhstan and Khirghiztan on the Tian Shan Mountain at an altitude of 3,200 m (approximately 78.14 E, 42.86 N). Below can be seen the huge Issyk Kul Lake, the second highest altitude lake (1,600 m above the sea), just behind Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Chris Butler, Jo Gower-Crane, and Peter Hughes Chris Butler, information services manager, Health and Environmental Services, Bristol City Council, England, United Kingdom (left), along with Jo Gower-Crane, senior IT officer, and Peter Hughes, PC engineer, are posing with their Esri T-shirts high in the French Alps--Tougnete, Meribel-Mottaret to be exact. At this site there are 287 marked ski trails totaling 600 km and 200 ski lifts at 1,300 m to 3,200 m of altitude. Chris tells us it is the world's largest fully linked skiable area!

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