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ArcFM 8: An ArcInfo 8-Based Application for Facilities Management

Many of the software developments for ArcInfo 8 and ArcFM have been drawn from applications requirements. Perhaps the key feature of this functionality is the geodatabase.

This component allows users to

  • Store all data in a standard DBMS
  • Model facilities as objects
  • Support feature-based annotation
  • Edit facilities (objects) directly
  • Easily create maps
  • Support rule-based editing
  • Provide a completely extensible architecture

In ArcInfo 8, a high level of "generic" facilities management and editing functionality is implemented in the core product. More functionality in the core product means developers can build lighter-weight applications--and build them much faster.

ArcFM 8 includes templates for water, gas, electric and other utilitiesArcFM 8 is a family of facilities management (FM) extensions to ArcInfo 8. These extensions are domain-specific data models with some software tools for these user environments. They have been designed to share common data models, tools, and user interfaces to create an integrated solution across utilities. As such, they include templates for water, gas, electric, and other utilities.

ArcFM is designed to support the vertically integrated enterprise and make it easy to view, edit, map, and manage spatial data in a multi-utility context. It also fits into the overall IT architecture of modern utilities through open databases, industry standard programming environments, and component object model (COM) architecture. ArcFM is fully integrated with SAP Business solutions such as R/3.

ArcFM is also synergistic with the general purpose and generic nature of ArcInfo with extensive applications implementation within fields of land records, streets, municipal planning, health services, environmental, and Business.

ArcFM 8 is the natural evolution of ArcFM 7.2 into the new technology provided by ArcInfo 8 and takes advantage of the new geodatabase tools and applications. As such it leverages all of the power of ArcInfo 8 and its object oriented capabilities.

Screen shot of a pipeline and pipe detail ArcFM 8 extends ArcInfo 8 to provide greater overall functionality in a consistent, modern architecture. ArcFM 8 makes effective use of core ArcInfo 8 functionality.

ArcFM is not a toolkit; it is a solution. It is a fully supported product that can be configured to the specific Business models of the customer. In general, a minimum of customization is needed to get a fully productive system in place.

ArcFM applications are developed by Esri and several partners who specialize in the work flow and tasks of these utilities.

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