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The New ArcMap Object Editor

ArcMap includes a fully integrated Object Editor capable of multiuser geographic and attribute entry and update. The Object Editor is easy to learn and is implemented in such a way as to ensure a simple, quick, and natural transition from viewing geography to editing geography. The Object Editor can work with coverages, shapefiles, and geodatabases stored in a DBMS using ArcSDE.

The new Object Editor supports

  • Creation and updating of shapefiles, coverages, and geodatabases.
  • Editing of features according to rules/behavior (i.e., network connectivity, attribute consistency, etc.).
  • Very fast display of raster-vector data.
  • Snapping to any vector data (including CAD files).
  • Versioning and conflict resolution across work groups.
  • Advanced CAD/sketching function directly on GIS database.
  • Complete WYSIWYG editing.
  • Editing within Magnify windows.
  • Integrated tracing.
  • Easy customization for user-defined tasks/tools.
ArcMap Object Editor screen shot The ArcMap Object Editor enables intelligent editing of geographic data. It uses a long transaction/versioning model for multiuser editing.

The Object Editor includes many of the graphic editing functions popular within the latest computer-aided design (CAD) editing packages (creating and editing of parametric geometry). Powerful and intuitive ergonomic features let users easily edit features using rule-based tools for creating and maintaining spatial databases. The new Object Editor also enables users to directly edit data in a DBMS via ArcSDE.

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