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ArcSDE 8: Data Management for ArcInfo

One of the keys to enterprise GIS success is providing strong data management. ArcInfo 8 was designed from the outset to be a multiuser system. ArcInfo 8 uses Spatial Database Engine (SDE) technology for organizing and managing its data. With ArcInfo 8, SDE (ArcSDE) becomes a standard part of the ArcInfo GIS system and will be made available to all users. This provides powerful data management capabilities to the ArcInfo environment.

With ArcSDE you can manage vast data sets distributed across multiple platforms and DBMSs. ArcSDE provides the open access necessary to integrate GIS data into a corporate or enterprise information system. ArcSDE also provides a standard, published application programming interface (API) to all ArcInfo-managed GIS data.

ArcSDE is provided in two flavors with ArcInfo 8: a light version called Personal ArcSDE and a more advanced version for the multiuser environment.

ArcSDEPersonal ArcSDE
Personal ArcSDE introduces ArcInfo users to the power of SDE technology. In Personal ArcSDE geographic data is stored in Microsoft Access format. It offers zero administration, largely transparent access to spatial data.

ArcSDE includes SDE for the DBMS of your choice (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, IBM DB2, or Sybase) and offers multiuser access to a secure, reliable, and scalable spatial database. It operates in a very efficient client/server network mode.

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