Colorado, Cuba, Brazil, Tanzania, and Japan

Esri T-Shirts Range All Over This Shrinking World!

Rod and Dabney Erickson Rod and Dabney Erickson wear their T-shirts on a platform 120 feet above the floor of the Amazon River Basin rainforest. Rod is a GIS/IT consultant for Michael Baker Jr., Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, and Dabney is a fifth grade teacher at Beech Tree Elementary, Falls Church, Virginia. They were part of a rainforest workshop for educators and naturalists and learned about the incredible ecosystem. Then they both took what they learned back to the students at Beech Tree Elementary to help them learn about their own habitat. The project is called E-Tek (Educator Transfer of Environmental Knowledge) and was presented as a work in progress during GIS Day 2000 in Washington, D.C.)

Barbara York Barbara York, a GIS program specialist at the Putnam County, New York, Planning Department, recently spent 17 days exploring the game parks and other highlights of both Kenya and Tanzania, including Lake Mabyara, Ngorongoro Crater (the Tanzania locations where she is showing off her Esri T-shirt), and the vast veldts of the Serengeti. At the Mount Kenya Safari Club, she learned of its animal orphanage that is dedicated to wildlife preservation.

Bob Werner, Emilio Escartin, and Tim Loesch From the left, Bob Werner (University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota), Emilio Escartin (Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose Antonio Echieverria, Havana, Cuba), and Tim Loesch (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota) are pictured in front of the well-developed karst topography of the mogotes in western Cuba. Werner and Loesch visited Escartin, a geophysicist, in the Geosciences Department of ISPJAE, to talk about GIS and wear Esri T-shirts!

Eric Svensen Eric Svensen, the GIS coordinator for the City of Montrose, Colorado, says that he doesn't have anyone working for him on a regular basis, and that the closest thing to a "staff" he can claim is the one in the picture with his T-shirt taken at America's newest national park, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, which is located about10 miles east of Montrose.

Thomas Eykamp While not exactly sporting an Esri T-shirt, Thomas Eykamp, a young GIS protégé, shows off his new Esri tattoo to adoring crowds of young Japanese girls, with a little help from Mom. Thomas's father is Christopher Eykamp, a GIS consultant who has recently worked in Qatar, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Minneapolis, and Niger, and is currently at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan.

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