ArcGIS Licensing

One aspect of integrating the ArcView and ArcInfo environments is maintaining licensing options that are compatible with how the software is used. As a result, ArcGIS software is licensed for either single use or concurrent use. Single-use licenses permit software operation on one computer and do not use a license manager. Concurrent-use licenses are controlled by a license manager operating on an organization's network and can be checked out by any computer on the network. One license manager can administer the different Esri software.

ArcView is available as a single-use or a concurrent-use license. ArcEditor and ArcInfo are only available as concurrent-use licenses. Esri licenses ArcGIS extensions as either single use or concurrent use. Single-use extensions only operate with the single-use version of ArcView. Concurrent-use extensions operate with ArcInfo, ArcEditor, and the concurrent-use version of ArcView.

Separate from licensing, all the ArcGIS Desktop software can be installed on a single computer—ArcView single use, ArcView concurrent use, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo. Esri provides an administrative utility for controlling which software is operational on that machine and listing additional concurrent-use licenses available on the network. Users can switch between software licenses depending on their role or daily tasks. Furthermore, concurrent-use extensions that operate with ArcView (concurrent use), ArcEditor, and ArcInfo add a new level of interoperability. This strategy gives flexibility to individuals and organizations and makes it easy to configure an operational GIS.

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