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Fall 2009
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Can't Leave?
New remote learning options help you keep up with GIS technology

Want to keep up your GIS knowledge and add to your skills despite the curtailed travel budgets and no-travel policies that are becoming common? Esri has two new ways to deliver high-quality course content to you: on-site training and coaching and video teleconferencing.

Client Site Training and Coaching

For companies that order any Esri instructor-led training course for a group of 1215 students, coaching can be purchased. This additional time with an Esri instructor can be used to address specific team needs or review concepts from coursework and apply them to the organization's workflows using its data. Coaching days are available either immediately prior to or following a training class. No need to worry about having the necessary equipment and software when hosting an instructor-led training class. Esri can provide a mobile lab with a classroom setup and laptops preloaded with Esri software for each student.

Instructor-Led Remote Classroom Training

Students at a local Esri learning center, an Esri satellite location, or other video-conferencing-enabled facility can interact with an Esri instructor and fellow students through the use of two-way, interactive video conferencing. Classes are broadcast from an Esri location in the United States to one or two remote locations. Students can see and hear the instructor lecture, speak with other students, ask questions, and share experiences. The instructor can see students' computer screens and assist them with class exercises. Classes run eight hours per day.

Other Options

Instructor-Led Online Classroom courses are taught by an experienced Esri instructor over the Web in real time and are supplied directly to the student's desktop. Students can listen to lectures, interact with the instructor and classmates, and work on exercises through Web-based desktop conferencing.

Instructor-Led Online Classroom courses, a more recent addition to remote learning offerings, join other options such as Virtual Campus Web-based training (self-paced, independent study courses); Web training seminars (free hour-long presentations and demonstrations focused on a specific technical topic); Instructional Series podcasts (audio presentations on specific software topics); and Esri Press self-study books on Esri software, GIS technology, cartography, and spatial analysis.

To register for courses or learn more about Esri training, visit For training outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

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