Working together to deliver SAP Endorsed Business Solutions.

Together, Esri and SAP provide more value to customers by using the location component of SAP operational data to

  • Visualize spatial relationships between assets, customers, employees, and service providers
  • Efficiently deploy mobile assets that deliver goods or services
  • Accurately quantify market potential and penetration
  • Monitor supply chain status
  • Quickly create intuitive and actionable map-based reports


Using SAP ERP and Esri GIS integration options you can visualize relationships, connections and patterns in your business data, make informed decisions, and increase efficiency.


SAP BW and Esri GIS solution options lets you view spatially oriented data previously only analyzed in tables or charts. Combining the power of data warehousing and spatial mapping creates a powerful, integrated system.


SAP MAM and Esri GIS solution options empowers mobile workers to perform their daily activities related to plant maintenance and customer service in the field—at customer sites and within plants—while disconnected from the back-end SAP system. SAP Mobile Asset Management (MAM) 3.0 comes with the ability to interact with a mobile GIS map viewer such as ArcPad.

SAP BusinessObjects

The Integration Kit for Esri GIS, developed by APOS systems, a SAP Partner and Esri Business Partner, provides a powerful two-way bridge between Esri ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Desktop and SAP BusinessObjects XI. It allows you to access live data through your GIS and to dynamically embed maps in reports, dashboards or portals. This gives you the ability to click on the map to refresh the report, or click on the report to refresh the map.

SAP Netweaver

SAP announces partnership with Esri to integrate Esri's ArcGIS platform with the Hana database, Business Objects, and the SAP Mobile platform. Read the article.

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