Create Valuable Information out of Your Data

Discover trends and patterns in your operations, evaluate assets for planning, and better understand your customers.

Transform Your Operations

Identify hidden problems you didn’t know existed and evaluate trends to proactively prioritize activities. Evaluate your performance indicators with data analysis.

Evaluate Assets for Planning

Through powerful visualization quickly characterize the performance of your assets. Build and improve capital improvement scenarios by analyzing historical information.

Better Understand Your Customers

Evaluate your customer consumption patterns to help evaluate rates and programs. Discover behaviors such as water usage, conservation, rebates, delinquencies, and payments.

Explore, Analyze, Iterate

With Insights for ArcGIS, you can quickly discover the secrets your data holds. Visualize, analyze, and tell your story like never before.

Discover Trends and Patterns

Through the power of tying your non-spatial data to your spatial data, you can begin to answer questions based off data coming from multiple sources and business systems.

Create charts, graphs and reports that will save time and improve decision making.

Discover Trends and Patterns

Enrich Your Data by Getting Facts about People and Places

Rich analysis often extends beyond variables within your data and organization. In this example, we enrich your analysis with demographic data.

Enrich Your Data by Getting Facts about People and Places

Bring Together Different Data Sources

ArcGIS Enterprise

Insights empowers you to integrate and analyze data from ArcGIS Enterprise including ArcGIS demographic data, geodatabases, and Living Atlas content.

Other Systems

Insights connects to enterprise databases such as SQL Server, SAP HANA, Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop, and GE Smallworld, as wells as excel spreadsheets.

Visualize Hot Spots

Conduct density analysis to discover problem areas

Visualize Hot Spots

Power of Visualization

Find Outliers in Your Data

Spatially Analyze

Discover Trends and Patterns

Demographic Enrichment

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