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Company Overview

Woolpert LLP is a premier international consulting firm and Esri business partner that provides GIS and Information Technology (IT) services. Clients throughout the United States and around the world select Woolpert to design, implement, and integrate their GIS/IT systems. The company designs processes and systems that make technology serve its clients' business needs, and in doing so utilizes the full suite of ArcGIS software. The results are tangible: a GIS/IT environment that is integrated throughout the organization, increased data accuracy, simpler processes for information access and maintenance, and controlled cost.


Accurately assessing utility infrastructure can be a lot tougher than it appears. Source documents are often outdated or incomplete, and it's not cost–effective to perform multiple survey sweeps of a single area to gather all structures and their attributes. However, there is a solution, a way to get more value from your "hidden assets"—SmartSurveyor.

Woolpert's SmartSurveyor software is a mobile mapping system that enables GPS crews to map utility systems and structure attributes on the fly, with complete network connectivity, and in a single sweep. SmartSurveyor builds topology and connectivity in the field by simultaneously mapping and inventorying systems, saving time, money, and headaches over conventional utility mapping and inventorying. Disconnected field editing also streamlines the process of putting field data back into the central data repository.

We are using ArcGIS Engine to build field-based applications providing disconnected geodatabase editing. Woolpert and our clients must produce high–quality data, and using these kinds of applications on tablet PCs with Ink technology will help achieve our goals in a cost–effective manner. The user interfaces for these applications need to be simple, user–friendly, and targeted to the job. ArcGIS Engine allows us to do that. I have used ArcObjects since version 8.0 and am pleased with its evolution and the fact that my 8.x custom code is working in ArcGIS Engine.

—Bryan Dickerson, Senior Developer, Woolpert LLP

ArcGIS Engine Building Field Applications