Using Esri Maps for Office

An organization has 100 non-GIS analysts who will use Esri Maps for Office to create maps with their Excel spreadsheet data and also embed those maps in PowerPoint presentations. They plan to share 24 layers and need to annually geocode the spreadsheet data, consisting of 83,000 customer delivery locations. The maps created with Esri Maps for Office will be shared internally only but are tightly related to other analyses, customer service and sales orders, and delivery processes. In addition, the organization will store about 50 GB of other data files (e.g., shapefiles) in ArcGIS Online yearly.

The organization is using:

  • 24 feature services, each about 1.5 MB, hosted in ArcGIS Online
  • 83,000 geocodes
  • 50 GB of data storage

Total service credits used per year:

  • Data transfer is included in the ArcGIS Online subscription and doesn't use any service credits
  • 24 feature services hosted in ArcGIS Online over a one-year period: 104 service credits
  • 83,000 geocodes per year: 3,320 service credits
  • 50 GB of data storage per year: 720 service credits

Total service credits used: 4,144

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