Using GeoEnrichment Services

An Esri Maps for Office user has a spreadsheet of 100,000 customer locations. The user creates a map of the customer locations and then enriches the spreadsheet with 100 demographic variables for a one-mile ring around each customer location. The user adds a median household income demographic map layer to the map and, during the course of the year, pans and zooms the map 1,000 times and views 2,000 infographics related to some of the store locations.

The organization is using:

  • Geocodes for 100,000 customer locations
  • Data enrichment – 100 demographic variables (attributes) for 100,000 customer locations
  • Demographic map layer (median household income) – 1,000 map requests
  • Infographics – 2,000 views

Total service credits used per year:

  • Data transfer is included in the ArcGIS Online subscription and doesn't use any service credits
  • 100,000 geocodes: 4,000 service credits
  • Data enrichment of 100,000 customer locations with 100 demographic variables: 100,000 service credits
  • 1,000 demographic map requests per year: 10 service credits
  • 2,000 infographic views per year: 20 service credits

Total service credits used: 104,030

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