What's New in ArcGIS Online—September 2014

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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Beta)

Build GIS apps that run anywhere—on desktops, tablets, and smartphones with no coding required. Anyone with an ArcGIS Online subscription (trial or paid) has access to this beta version of the Web AppBuilder.

Feature Layers

We improved the user experience for updating data in your existing ArcGIS Online-hosted feature layers. You can now overwrite features in hosted feature layers published from a shapefile or file geodatabase and maintain the URL and layer properties. This is useful if your source data is updated frequently and you want to overwrite a hosted feature layer used in maps and apps. For example, during an active wildfire, emergency responders can use a hosted feature layer in a web app to communicate about fire perimeters, shelter locations, and so on. Updating the data within the existing hosted feature layer allows the responders and citizens to quickly see the latest information.

Enhancements to ArcGIS Pro License Management (Beta)

Administrators of organizations that are part of the ArcGIS Pro beta program can manage licenses through ArcGIS Online. In the September update, we added some improvements based on your feedback. The workflow for assigning, updating, and revoking licenses has been improved. More information displays on the page, including the maximum number of licenses, and available licenses that have been assigned to users. You can also see when a user's ArcGIS Pro license is off-line. Users can run up to three simultaneous sessions. These sessions, and the option to suspend a session, are included in the overview table that the person administering the licenses sees.

Note: If you would like to participate in the ArcGIS Pro beta program, your organization must have an ArcGIS for Desktop license that is current on maintenance. If you meet this requirement and you would like to join the beta program, sign up at ArcGIS for Professionals. For additional information, contact Esri Customer Service via e-mail at service@esri.com or call 888-377-4575.

Custom Roles

A role defines the privileges that a member has with ArcGIS Online. Esri defines a set of privileges for the User, Publisher, and Administrator roles, but in addition, your organization can also define privileges at a more detailed level by creating and assigning custom roles. With this release, custom roles include an administrative privilege to manage licenses, the first of which is available for ArcGIS Pro (beta). Custom roles also include a new privilege for elevation analysis (applies to ArcGIS for Desktop users only).


  • Aggregate Points, Summarize Nearby, and Summarize Within tools allow you to find the minority and majority of grouped values, as well as the ability to calculate their percentages.
  • Plan Routes includes numbered labels along the stop sequence displayed on a map.

Open Data

Earlier this year, we added Open Data as a feature of ArcGIS Online. Open Data enables your organization to better connect citizens and businesses to your authoritative data.

In this update, we've made some design changes to the Open Data administration application. We've also improved search, added support for CSV files and the ability to visualize data through a series of charts.

App Templates

  • Maps and Apps Gallery group gallery template are available in the Early Adopter Templates group.
  • GeoForm is fully supported and available in the Esri-featured configurable app gallery and is no longer part of the Early Adopter Templates group. GeoForm allows users to edit feature data in a form, instead of a pop-up window.
  • We continue to modernize existing templates with updated styles and more adaptable designs for mobile devices. For this release, Filter and Find, Edit, and Filter have redesigned configuration panes.

ArcGIS Content

  • World Topographic basemap was updated for North America with recent commercial data and new Community Map Program contributions.
  • Demographic maps for the US have been updated and include the latest 2014 data for Consumer Spending, Retail MarketPlace, and Market Potential. In addition, detailed demographic data for France was also updated.
  • Elevation Analysis tools are no longer in beta. These tools provide developers and ArcGIS for Desktop users with capabilities for performing analytical operations such as viewshed and profile against data hosted by Esri. These tools will consume service credits and are available to ArcGIS Online members who have the appropriate privileges to use these tools.

For the latest information on content updates, see the ArcGIS Online blog.

Workflow Improvements

We have refined the workflows for resetting your password. 

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