What's New in ArcGIS

The June update of ArcGIS Online features improvements to item pages, updated content, and more options for administrators. For a complete list and more details on what's new, see ArcGIS Online Help. Also check out our blog posts, where we share some cool examples.

Improved Item Pages

Check out the redesign. It includes better work flows, performance, and layout. There’s also new functionality to help you explore and work with content. Now it’s easier to:

  • Navigate and edit feature data
  • View all aspects of a field together
  • Configure feature layer styles and pop-ups
  • Create configurable apps from maps or scenes
Improved Item Pages
Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Find new widgets that will make it even easier (and more fun) for you to build web applications in ArcGIS. And now you can use the Add Color Picker theme to choose your own color or match an approved color palette. New widgets include:

  • Select: Other widgets take an action on the selected features.
  • Share: A social sharing experience of apps.
  • Add Data: Search for layers in ArcGIS Online and enter URLs to add data to a map.
  • Enhanced Query: Add spatial relationships, such as intersect, overlap, and contain, to perform the query against features in another layer then export as CSV, GeoJSON, or feature collection.
  • Oblique Viewer: Display images in their native coordinate system to pan in oblique mode or single viewing angle, or switch angles.

Scene Viewer

Look for enhancements to Scene Viewer—the app built into the ArcGIS Online website. Use it to create and interact with 3D scenes. New highlights include:

Integrated Meshes Support A new layer type for UAV- or airplane-based photogrammetric 3D scans of surfaces

Custom 3D Object Symbols Use point layers for placing arbitrary 3D objects, such as street furniture or cartographic 3D elements.

Performance-Quality Switch Find a better user experience (more appealing visualizations) inside Internet Explorer and high-end devices.

Daylight & Shadow Animation A new Daylight tool gives you the ability to add sunlight and shadow animation over a day or a whole year to your scene.

Map Viewer

Smart mapping keeps getting smarter. New styles will help you understand your data from a temporal perspective. Use the Continuous Timeline (Color) or Continuous Timeline (Size) smart mapping styles to view dates sequentially on a map. For example, use color to see how the rate of measles immunizations changed in the weeks before and after the launch of a pro-immunization campaign.


You have more options for managing credit budgets. Do it for specific members, or set a default credit allocation for new members. Your organization can also manage credit budgets as part of the invitation process for automatic and pre-established accounts.

ArcGIS Content

Updates to World Imagery include the National Agriculture Imagery Program 2015 with 1m imagery for 22 additional US states visible at large scales. Also, look for a new imagery map in Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) WGS84 projection that includes the same imagery as the standard World Imagery map in Web Mercator, with added coverage in the polar regions.

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