Enabling Web GIS in Your Infrastructure

Portal for ArcGIS helps you organize and share information throughout your organization with those who need it via maps and apps. It provides a framework to easily manage and secure geographic assets within your organization, enabling better decision making.

The Friendly Front End to Your Server Site

Portal for ArcGIS, which is included with ArcGIS for Server Standard and Advanced, provides the same great experience as ArcGIS Online but within your infrastructure (on-premises or in the cloud). You can create, organize, secure, and manage geographic assets and connect end users with useful apps, maps, and geographic data.

The Right Apps for the Task Makes All the Difference

Portal for ArcGIS includes many apps to distribute geospatial data and tasks in simple focused interfaces and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, a great way to quickly build web apps. It also links with apps such as ArcGIS Maps for Office, Collector for ArcGIS, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

Use and Reuse Data to Quickly Generate Maps

Web maps allow users to mash up ArcGIS services and define how the map behaves. Once authored, web maps can then be used repeatedly in everything from web browsers to mobile devices and embedded within websites. Web maps reduce the time it takes to get maps in the hands of people who need them.

Control Access to Your Geospatial Resources

Allow access to relevant information while protecting sensitive information. Portal for ArcGIS acts as a central node of the ArcGIS platform, controlling access to items across all ArcGIS clients. Learn more about the role of Portal in the ArcGIS platform.

Requirements and Pricing

With ArcGIS 10.3, Portal is included with ArcGIS for Server Standard and Advanced and includes a set of named user licenses so that  you can start being productive right away.