White Papers

ArcGIS 10.2 for Server Functionality Matrix [PDF]
A straight-forward guide for helping you determine the edition and capacity level of ArcGIS for Server that best fits your organization.

ArcGIS for Server: An Overview [online article]

This article provides an overview of key features, architecture, and implementation - a must read for GIS and IT managers or anyone interested in GIS servers.

ArcGIS for Server in the Cloud

A Road Map for Geospatial Information System Applications on Vblock Infrastructure Platforms [PDF]
Converged virtualized infrastructure is having a resoundingly positive effect on functional areas like geographic Information Systems (GIS). This paper provides a brief overview of how CIO's and CTO's can meet the numerous challenges associated with using converged virtualized infrastructure to provide GIS services and applications.

Leverage Vblock Infrastructure Platform for Esri's ArcGIS System [PDF]
This paper provides an introduction to the VCE Company Vblock platform and ArcGIS technology, a description of common ArcGIS deployment methods on a Vblock platform, and an overview of the steps required to provision a new ArcGIS for Server instance using an automation engine designed for the Vblock platform.

Estimating the Cost of a GIS in the Amazon Cloud [PDF]
Learn how costs are calculated for cloud services using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as an example and how to estimate the costs of using those services with ArcGIS for Server on Amazon EC2.

GIS in the Cloud: The Esri Example by David Chappell [PDF]
For users of geographic information system (GIS) technology, the cloud opens a number of new possibilities. But what are those possibilities, and why might they be better than what you're doing now?

ArcGIS for Server in Practice

High-Capacity Map Services: A Use Case with CORINE Land: Cover Data [PDF]
Practical information on how to implement high-capacity map services with ArcGIS for Server using the European Coordination of Information on the Environment (CORINE) land-cover data as an example.

Large Batch Geocoding [PDF]
Get eight helpful tips for setting up large batch geocoding jobs with ArcGIS for Server, including a helpful script tool that must be downloaded separately. ServerGeocode.zip [ZIP-20 KB]

Best Practices for Creating an ArcGIS for Server Web Mapping Application for Municipal/Local Government [PDF]
Leads you through the process of building an application using ArcGIS for Server and illustrates best practices including the logic behind certain implementation and configuration decisions.

ArcGIS for Server in the Enterprise

ArcGIS for Server and Virtualization [PDF]
High-level overview of virtualization including major decision factors for considering virtualization and the advantages of deploying ArcGIS for Server in a virtualized environment.

Geospatial Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) [PDF]
Basic components that support a geospatial SOA in a vendor-neutral framework and a description of how Esri components fit into this framework.

Developing and Deploying an Integrated Geo-enabled SOA Business Solution: A Case Study [PDF]
A case study showing integrated multiple information systems and heritage data sources for delivering a flexible business solution using a service-oriented approach.

Performance and Throughput Tips for ArcGIS for Server 9.3.1 Cached Map Services and the Apache HTTP Server [PDF]
Simple steps for tuning the Apache Web server and the ArcGIS for Server REST handler to increase the performance and throughput of cached content for web applications.

ArcGIS Enterprise Security: Delivering Secure Solutions [PDF]
For IT architects and security specialists who design, deploy, and support mission-critical solutions in the areas of Web services standards and service-oriented architectures.

GIS-Based Enterprise Solutions with WebSphere Server and ArcGIS for Server
An IBM Redpaper: focus on the interface between Esri ArcGIS and IBM WebSphere Application Server, where WebSphere Portal Server is deployed.

Geographic Information in Enterprise Architecture: Principles Supporting e-Government Business Functions [PDF]
By Informi GIS A/S, illustrates how GIS supports enterprise architecture based on service-oriented principles: strengthening collaboration, streamlining processes, and improving services to citizens.

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ArcGIS 10.2 for Server Functionality Matrix [PDF]

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