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Trends in Image Management and Dissemination

Read how the ArcGIS Platform makes massive volumes of imagery accessible for a variety of applications.

A Comprehensive Imagery System


A comprehensive imagery system provides three main functions:

  • Packed with Imagery – For many applications the required imagery is just part of the system
  • Manages Massive Image Collections – Take imagery from nearly any sensor and quickly define products that provide useful information, and then make them accessible.  Scales from small to massive image collections.
  • Provides Advanced Visualization, Processing and Analysis tools – Using ArcGIS you can visualize all forms imagery, perform a wide range of processes on the imagery and extract information to make informed decisions.
Imagery is integrated into all aspects of ArcGIS, from the desktop to the server and from the field to the cloud; imagery is everywhere.

Read the successes organizations are realizing by using ArcGIS for their imagery.

Mosaic Image Finder for ArcMap

The Mosaic Image Finder is a new add-in for ArcMap to explore imagery within a mosaic dataset.

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