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Access technical documentation, step-by-step tutorials, and customer case studies that help you transform remote sensing data into value.

Featured resources

  • A top-down view of a residential area shows houses identified in red boxes using deep learning for feature extraction

    Ready-to-use pretrained deep learning models

    Eliminate the need for huge volumes of training data, massive computing resources, and extensive artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge.
  • Remote sensing satellite imagery shows a river system surrounded by a landscape colored red, brown, green, yellow, and pink

    Imagery in Action MOOC

    This course is for anyone ready to learn—or learn more—about the many uses and types of imagery and the growing integration of imagery with GIS.
  • A top-down view of a residential area shows houses identified in red boxes using deep learning for feature extraction

    An easier way to work with imagery

    Step through an end-to-end demonstration showing how to make decisions with up-to-date GIS data created from aerial, elevation, and lidar data.

Other resources

Case studies

  • Side-by-side aerial images of a large residential property before and after damage from a storm

    Imagery gives insurance companies a clear picture

    Learn how insurers are taking to the air and converting aerial imagery into location intelligence to quickly make clients whole again.
  • A top-down view of a mobile home neighborhood showing damage to properties caused by a hurricane

    The eye after the hurricane

    Gain a clear view of reality fast with ArcGIS. Imagery is processed and served in minutes, not days.
  • A top-down view of a residential area shows houses identified in red boxes using deep learning for feature extraction

    United Stated Census Bureau: Address canvassing

    Learn how the US Census Bureau used GIS and imagery to complete in-office address canvassing for the 2020 Census.

Case studies

  • A coastal inlet winds past mountains to reach a densely populated area and nearby farmlands

    Land-use monitoring

    A startup geospatial technology firm employs an imagery-streaming and -hosting solution for land-use monitoring and detection.
  • A top-down view of an evergreen forest with some brown trees that have lost their foliage

    Centralizing imagery citywide

    The City of Yakima shifts city imagery to the cloud to make it easily accessible across departments and to the public.
  • A street-level image of a red light rail train is shown side-by-side with a map of the train’s route through a city

    Metropolitan transit

    The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System uses lidar technology to capture data and ArcGIS to manage datasets.
  • Remote sensing imagery of a large island region shows elevation with a dark blue (low) to red (high) color gradient

    National digital twin

    In 2021, Grenada became the first country to make a digital copy of itself, a 3D model government officials can use for sustainability plans.

Case studies

  • An ADA-compliant curb ramp leading to a sidewalk lined with green foliage

    Douglas County: Using GeoAI for ADA Compliance

    Douglas County is revolutionizing ADA compliance by using deep learning models and imagery to monitor curb ramp inventory, saving time and money.
  • USDA Forest Service: Conservation

    Learn how USDA Forest Service is developing the next generation of data products to inform policy and management decisions for natural resources.
  • USAA: Catastrophe Response

    Learn how the USAA deploys remote sensing solutions to help members get back on their feet quicker, even before fire embers are extinguished.
  • African Parks: Protected Area Management

    Learn how African Parks uses aerial imagery to understand wildlife movements and various threats to predict where poachers may strike next.

Explore ArcGIS imagery workflows

Not sure where to start with imagery?

The imagery workflows site provides a starting point for accomplishing common imagery tasks using ArcGIS. Gain practical skills for tasks like managing drone imagery, managing scanned maps, performing site suitability analysis, using deep learning for object detection, and much more.

We're constantly adding workflows, so keep an eye on the gallery for new resources.


Explore imagery workflows
Three panels show an agricultural facility in an off-nadir drone image, a top-down aerial view, and a digital model

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