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Business Analyst Online API

Business Analyst Online API

Build custom web, desktop, and mobile applications that include demographic data reporting capabilities with the Business Analyst Online (BAO) API. Information about people and places can be aggregated and summarized 10 geography levels or specified by polygon, drive time, or distance. Reports are provided as presentation-ready PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or XML streams.

To use the BAO API for internal and external, including commercial use, you must purchase an annual subscription.

What You Get

Applications built with the Esri Business Analyst Online API can be used to better understand the particular characteristics of a population in a specific neighborhood or location. Analyzing a proposed site for a new business or office location and determining the impact of a public works project on households in the area are just two examples.

Three Subscription Levels Available

  • Standard Plus Subscription—A total of 50 different reports and maps, plus access to more than 11,000 data variables.
  • Standard SubscriptionAccess 36 different reports on consumer spending, supply and demand, and traffic counts.
  • Basic Subscription—17 demographic reports, including maps.

View a comparison chart and samples of each report by subscription.

Example of a drive-time area analysis.

Create a drive-time area analysis.

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