Leading Online Mapping Technology

Esri MapStudio is built on the ArcGIS Online platform and combines leading, easy-to-use, Web based mapping software with high-quality content.

  • Search for and find, geocode, or zoom into locations
    The place finder in Esri MapStudio recognizes millions of place names. A built-in geocoder means Esri MapStudio can locate addresses or intersections anywhere in the United States.
  • Create your own markup.
    Whether you want to track crimes in your community or maintain a list of local gas prices, you can create those points, lines, polygons, or text using Esri MapStudio and store them so others in your organization can access them.

Extensive Selection of Data and Content

Esri MapStudio includes an abundance of information about geography and people.

  • Population, income, election data, and other types of content are available.
  • Map layers not only include basic political boundaries, roads, and waterways but also topographic relief, satellite images, and vegetation maps.

Crop, Project, Design, and Export

Layers chosen in Esri MapStudio can become independent graphic layers in your illustration software.

  • Hundreds of projection options are available
  • Maps can be cropped to a specific size
  • Support for the output of multiple graphic file formats including EPS and Al for use in illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator